Fast-paced and customer-oriented hotel front desk jobs require excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

Hotel Front Desk Jobs

Hotel front desk jobs are fast-paced and often stressful. Those who work at the front desk need to be friendly, polite and calm.

They also need to be able to solve problems and resolve complaints. To get a job at the hotel front desk, you must have excellent computer, people and customer service skills.

Greet guests

As the first person guests see when they arrive, front desk clerks set the tone for their hotel experience. They’re responsible for greeting guests, managing online and telephonic bookings, verifying payments during check-in, and processing guest departures. In addition, they’re often required to work evenings, overnight shifts, and weekends.

To create a welcoming environment for guests, it’s important to greet them in a friendly manner and provide accurate wait times. This way, guests know they won’t be forgotten about and can continue with their plans while staying at the hotel.

Moreover, if your guests have specific requests, they should be addressed promptly. This includes helping them book restaurants or activities, ensuring their credit card payments are processed correctly, and providing them with local recommendations. Hotel front desk staff also helps guests with any problems that may arise during their stay. In addition, they handle guest inquiries, respond to emails and letters, and manage reservations. They’re also required to comply with all Ledgestone Hospitality standards and policies.

Check-in and check-out guests

Front desk employees must be able to check guests in and out efficiently, which requires excellent attention to detail. This includes processing guest requests, completing shift checklists and resolving issues with guests. Staff must also have the ability to multitask and remain calm under pressure.

Keeping up-to-date on local attractions can help front office staff provide valuable information to guests and improve guest experiences. This may include recommendations for restaurants or activities, as well as providing details about transport services and pharmacies where medication can be obtained.

Many hotel front desk jobs involve working with people, so it’s important that staff are friendly and hospitable. They must also have a strong understanding of the brand they work for and be able to handle customer enquiries with tact and diplomacy. Finally, they need to be proficient with the hotel’s guest service software. This is an area where Oaky can really come into its own, as it allows staff to automate upselling and boost incremental revenue.

Assist with room reservations

Front-desk staff help guests with requests and questions, whether it’s helping them find an ATM or arranging for a car service. They can also be a great source of upselling opportunities by suggesting extra services like spa treatments or room upgrades.

They handle guest reservations and bookings, provide local recommendations and information, take food or beverage orders in the hotel’s restaurant and bar, post charges and reconcile final bills, and answer incoming calls, emails, and messages. They use their customer service skills to resolve any problems or complaints, and they may also manage guest accounts and rewards programs.

Front desk associates are the face of the hotel, so they must maintain high standards of customer service while working with guests and other members of the hotel team. They must have a friendly and positive attitude, remain calm under pressure, and be able to stay awake during long shifts. They must also have excellent attention to detail and strong interpersonal communication skills.

Maintain a clean and welcoming environment

A hotel front desk agent’s job description includes maintaining a clean and welcoming environment. This includes keeping the lobby and public areas free of debris and ensuring that all equipment works properly. It also means addressing any issues promptly and efficiently. For example, if an alarm sounds, the front desk clerk will immediately notify the security or maintenance department.

In addition, a hotel front desk clerk will be knowledgeable about local attractions and restaurants. This means he or she will be able to help guests book transport services and recommend places to see while visiting the area.

Some hotels offer additional perks for front desk clerks, such as free meals and drinks or discounted rooms. These are often a great incentive for potential candidates, but it is important to remember that the benefits of a hotel front desk job may vary depending on the location and the company. For this reason, it is a good idea to do research on average salaries for the position in your area before entering into negotiations with a prospective employer.

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