A Luxury Oasis Embracing Sustainability – 1 Hotel Mayfair

1 Hotel Mayfair – A Fusion of Sustainability and Luxury

Overlooking Green Park, 1 hotel mayfair is a refreshing oasis in London’s elite hospitality scene. Launched in 2015, the nature-inspired mission-driven sustainable brand has ushered lifestyle hospitality into a new chapter.

The nine-story property, helmed by two Michelin-starred chef Tom Sellers, offers 181 deluxe bedrooms and suites. Sustainability is at the core of the design and construction, maintaining 80% of the existing structure and using recycled materials whenever possible.

Located in the heart of London’s most exclusive neighbourhood

The first European property for 1 Hotels, this modern living space celebrates a union of sustainability and luxury. Starting with the defining decision to re-use and renovate two existing Mayfair buildings instead of constructing new, this reduced embodied carbon, mitigated demolition waste and debris, and helped the hotel achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating.

From the moment guests enter, they are greeted by an astounding Rainforest dome of Tillandsia usneoides (Spanish moss), that spans over four meters across the entrance. This beautiful plant is drought resistant and thrives without soil, a perfect symbol of the hotel’s sustainable design ethos.

Throughout the hotel, a green and clean theme runs throughout the 181 deluxe rooms and 44 stunning suites. The guest rooms feature reclaimed wood and Yorkshire stone floors, refillable bath products from British sustainable brand Bamford, and sensors to reduce electricity usage. The rooms are also enriched with sustainable artwork such as Stephen McPherson’s concentric mosaic-like piece Flow in Neighbours.

Designed with nature in mind

In this elite London neighborhood, 1 hotel Mayfair offers an unexpected fusion of sustainability and luxury within easy walking distance to capital highlights like Green Park, Regent Street and West End glitz. From the onset, the property was designed with sustainability in mind, from the over-80% of existing building structure retained to reduce embodied carbon to repurposed materials like Welsh slate and wood from trees that fell naturally.

A verdant living wall greets guests at the entrance, beckoning them into a space where London’s dynamism meets natural tranquility. This is a theme that extends throughout the property, from the suites – the brand’s signature accommodation style – to the public spaces and Dovetale restaurant helmed by two Michelin-star chef Tom Sellers. Here, sustainable features are seamlessly integrated into the overall experience, including a system that captures rainwater for reuse in the gardens and suites. The result is a hotel that is as authentic as it is upscale.

Embracing a biophilic design ethos

The newest addition to the 1 Hotels brand, the nature-inspired hotel seamlessly integrates sustainability and luxury into a seamless experience. The property, developed by Crosstree Real Estate Partners, was recently inaugurated in London and is the first European location for the sustainable hotel brand.

A commitment to sustainability and biophilic design principles drove every decision in the development of the property. The defining decision to reuse and renovate existing buildings over new construction reduced embodied carbon, mitigated demolition and development waste, and helped the project achieve BREEAM excellence standards.

Throughout the hotel, natural materials are woven into every space. From the ‘living wall’ that greets guests in the lobby, featuring over 200 species of plants to reclaimed Yorkshire dry-stone walls and bathroom vanities made from Welsh slate, guests are immersed in nature-inspired design.

The hotel also offers a holistic approach to wellness, with the Field House Fitness Centre offering mindfulness-based exercises in an inviting environment. The spa-like studio hosts sessions in stress reduction, strength training, and endurance building, alongside one-on-one personal trainer sessions.

Designed with sustainability in mind

The UK flagship and first European destination of 1 Hotels merges conscious sustainability with fresh comfort, understated style and exceptional bespoke service. Located on a fashionable corner overlooking Green Park, the nine-story sustainable sanctuary is within easy strolling distance of world-class galleries, renowned boutiques and first-class restaurants.

The hotel’s design is a nod to the mission-driven brand’s focus on environmental stewardship. A defining decision was made to reconstruct and renovate rather than build new, resulting in the retention of over 80 percent of the pre-existing structure which reduced embodied carbon and construction waste.

The property is primarily powered by clean, renewable energy with a combined heat and power system and an integrated lighting system that prioritises efficiency. In guest rooms, natural, earthy tones dominate and details such as wardrobe hangers crafted from discarded packaging, chalkboard notepads in lieu of paper pads, and Welsh slate vanities highlight the brand’s attention to detail.

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